• I am starting to get quite excited now 😃 !!! We are jetting off to Melbourne this Friday morning, with both Saba and Ochre, (also taking our new Cattle Dog, Nosh for 3 All Breeds shows too…), to show at the Basenji Club of Victoria's Champ show, on Sat 21st :). Ochre will also be shown in the Champ shows as well... We have Mrs Kay Eldred judging the breed classes, and Mrs Susan Coe, (I believe that is a name that most of you will know !!!), judging the Property and Veteran classes. Our 2 daughters will be coming and will probably show the Cattle dog for Mr saba ;), and maybe Ochre in the Champ shows as well.

    All very excited here, but, there is just SO much to organise, and get ready, especially when you have to think of the kids stuff too !!! I wish I could just close my eyes tonight, and wake up on Saturday am, in Melbourne, at the show :p

  • Good luck!!!:D

  • Thanks…:).

  • Good luck - stay calm.

  • Sounds like fun! Good luck to you. 🙂

    Question, what is a property class?

  • Thanks Wizard and Yodeldogs…

    I have been showing Cattle Dogs since 1989, and I am still as nervous today, as I was, the first time I ever stepped in the ring... Staying calm, is just not easy for me, but, I know that I have to try, for the dogs sake !!! My girls are keen to handle, so we are at the moment, teaching them the ropes, so I will soon be back to being the groomer/dogs body/strapper, a job I am much better at, I might add !!! Thankfully Mr Saba loves being in the ring too...

    Property classes are the classes such as Best Headed, Best Gaited etc, etc. I believe that we have 55 entries for Mrs Eldred, and over 90 entries for the Property and Veteran classes, for Mrs Coe. Last year this club had a UK judge, and only drew an entry of 40 dogs...

    Only 3 more sleeps...

  • Welcome and good luck.

  • Only 2 more sleeps…

  • Good luck… if Kylie is there, tell her Pat from Tanza says HI!

  • Pat, Kylie wont be there, not for want of trying on my behalf, I might add… She has a busy business, and has trouble getting time off for interstate shows. I hope Saba and Ochre do her name proud, I can only hope !!!

  • Good luck!! 🙂

    And don't forget: enjoy!!

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