• So I've been working with Gossip to ease her into having the run of the house while I'm gone by disappearing for short periods of time and then was planning on blocking off different rooms until she could be trusted.

    Well last week she took matters into her own hands. 🆒

    I had set up an xpen as a start to give her more room than just her kennel. I was gone about half a day and came back and she's loose. I thought she must have gotten the door to the pen open (it didn't really have very secure latches). The next day before I went to work I made sure to add extra snaphooks so the door couldn't be opened. I worked my regular hours and came home to a loose dog! :eek: Either the adjacent kitchen table gave just enough stability to the pen or she climbed on her kennel (which was inside) and up and out. However, after being loose for the 9 hours I was gone nothing was damaged (other than a piece of paper torn) and except I could tell she tried to see out the front bow window (the plants were moved and the blinds a little messed).

    I put her back in her kennel the next day (because I was late for work and didn't have time to pick everything up) and somehow she got out of that too (I must not have latched it properly :o). Another full day at work, another loose dog, and another "no-damage done".

    I guess that settles that. Whew!

  • Well, isn't that great news for you and Gossip!…. Guess she has told you that she is "ok" loose in the house when you are not home....

  • She's told me A LOT of things in no uncertain terms 😃 😃
    I think she's very appropriately named 😃

  • Sounds promising… BTW I am trying to remember if I have seen pictures of Gossip before. Have you ever posted any, I would love to see them!;)

  • I haven't but thanks for reminding me that I need to get some.

  • @wizard:

    She's told me A LOT of things in no uncertain terms 😃 😃
    I think she's very appropriately named 😃

    What a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well she wasn't so good yesterdy - she chewed on the arms of the chair in the living room. I was going to buy a new one anyway but I think I'll wait until she shows me she can be good everyday.

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