• called, "The Story of Edgar Sawtell", it is an Oprah selection. It is really good and would also be interesting to breeders. The story is about a family who breeds a special breed of dogs.

  • It was a good book, but I hated the ending…. sorry

  • I have 'Sawtell' sitting here. It's on my 'next to read list' along with 3 other books.

    Another good young adult/dog lover book I really loved was Cracker

    A historical fiction about the war dogs in the Vietnam era, centered around the state side family and the handler in Nam of the dog Cracker.

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    HUH ??? Am I missing something here ???

  • @saba:

    HUH ??? Am I missing something here ???

    No, it's spam

  • Thought so :)…

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