• Love them?

    Hate them?

    I have to ask because I use to give them to Chase all the time when we first got him but then I read some bad things about them blocking in dogs and the dog having to have surgery or dying so I stopped giving them to him. Zahra has never had one.

    I wanted to get some views on them from others.

  • hate them. Tucker could rip through one in minutes, and he would swallow chunks, so they are off limits. obviously, any chew should be supervised, but the greenies make me very nervous as they are NOT 100% digestable. so, I feel it's better to be safe than sorry, and avoid them altogether.

  • They are a very safe chewie for Jazzy – SHE hates 'em!! LOL

    Sniffs 'em and leaves 'em.

  • I don't give to Sahara anymore, I have in the past and she liked them but I am afraid of them now. Sahara loves the Dingo brand chicken/rawhide mixed sticks for chewing. I think they are pretty safe, so that is what I give her, and sometimes the rawhide bones, but I get rid of them when she chews off small pieces.

  • I decided to avoid rawhide despite Joey doing flips over them. I was at the small local pet store run by a vet today and was given a Merrick Jerky stick to try…not me, my dog Joey!!! 😃 The info that I got was that it was more quickly digested compared to rawhide so posed less of a potential for blockage. She said raw bones are even better which I already give Joey, but they can be messy. I let him start in on one in his crate. I buy soup bones.
    Oh yes, Joey loved the Jerky but it did not last as long as a rawhide. I still don't want to take the risk with rawhide. As for Greenies, this pet store does not sell them, Joey loved them when he had them from another store, but since he does not have bad breath I don't buy them anymore.

  • I've only given mine greenies once…only because supposedly it helps with their teeth (so I was told).

    I love Merricks products!....do their products help with teeth cleaning??

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