Woo Hoo!

Just got back from 4 days in Arizona…

JR has needed a major to finish for awhile now; just haven't been able to find any. Well, all 4 days were supposed to be majors, so we had high hopes. First day, Reserve WD, major in girls. Second day, Ta-da! Not only WD and Best of Winners, but Best of Breed over 3 Specials!! What a way to finish! He followed up with another Best of Breed on the third day.

And little Bruce, our 7 month old puppy brain, pulled out Reserve on the last day. So we had a terrific weekend!


Congrats! Sounds like it was a great way to spend 4 days.


Congrats! Isn't it just wonderful when they give you a little icing on the cake? 🙂 Good luck with Bruce, and be sure to show us the memorable photos!

Wow! Congrats to all…

Congratulations - what an accomplishment!

Congratulations! That is an awesome way to finish!

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