• Finally I managed to enter the Forums and also to create a profile.
    The story shortly;
    I am a 33 old female (mother of 2) from Finland and in my childhood home I had a papillon. In my 20-s me and my hubby had 2 lovely Boxer males, and the older one died a year ago at the age of 11. Basenjis had cought my eye since the 90s, you know Pippa (Borasus Juel Of The Sun) :p
    I became friends with Tiina Taavitsainen and up to date we have 3 beautiful Basenjis; an Aussie import bitch Ch. Afrikenji Hot Sumabreeze aka Tuuli, lovely half Englishman Ch. Bulldobas No Regrets aka Timon and a lovely yearling daughter of Tuuli, Bulldobas Crown Jewel aka Maisa.
    Have to say that this breed has totally stolen the hearts of both me and my hubby 😃
    The hobbies with our dear dogs that we do are mainly shows and some lure-coursing.
    So this is my "hi" to everyone!

  • Welcome to the forum, Hansu !!
    Greetings from Belgium

  • Hello Hansu! Welcome to the forum! Please post some pics of your beautiful dogs! 😃
    ..and one of Rene as well (still a big fan ;))

  • Hello & welcome from Canada


  • Welcome to the forum! We love pictures.

    My boy Brando (Sternhimmel's Generis Sui) is from Finland. Oh, and my favourite Formula One race car driver, Kimi Raikkonen, is from Finland as well :D.

  • Hello and welcome to the Forum, I can't wait to see pictures!!!:D

  • Hello and welcome from Slovenia (another Rene's fan 🙂 )!

    PS. Yes, Pippa was soooo beautiful!

  • Thank you everyone for welcoming me to the forums 🙂
    But you know, I am the worst with computers and it might take some time to add photos here…. LOL
    But if you do have some time, please take a look at our website to view some photos of our dogs?

  • I think all the photos on your website are beautiful. But I especially love this one:

  • All of your Basenjis are so gorgeous, hope you don't mind me sharing that picture for you…;)

  • ^Lisa thank you, and by all means 😉

  • Welcome to our pack, Hansu.

  • Welcome…all of your pups (and photos) are beautiful. I too, love the one posted above with their heads "crossed". Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you...

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