Roxy - my cutie

Roxy's first birthday was last week. She has grown into a beauty - and very well behaved for a B! Here are some photos of her at her best! 1) keeping watch, 2) at the park and 3) sleeping.

Adorable! I do love the plain red faces, they seem to be have a more dignified appearance than those with more white–IMO-- and I have one of each! .

I like them too. Although Roxy doesn't have a blaze on the forehead, she has a full collar and so she has a lot of contrast. It's been quite a year but I'd have to say, FINALLY she has me trained!

She is adorable!

Happy "B"-Day, Roxy!!!:D I can see by the picture at the window, you will eventually have the same "indentation" on the cushion as we do…;)

Hello and happy birthday to Roxy! From another Roxie! 🙂

Happy Basenji Birhtday Roxy!!

You're a beautifull girl!!

Happy birthday a little late - you little cutie!

She is a pretty girl and happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, Roxie

From Peggy and Cooper (your Mom and Dad)

Happy Birthday Roxy! You're very pretty!

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