• Anyone here have any experience with a B (or any dog for that matter) getting Acupuncture?

  • Our friend and vet Laura is a certified animal acupuncturist - we haven't had occasion to use her skills with our dogs, but she did use it with our cat several years ago, and it was amazing.

    I have heard of several Basenjis who have been treated for various things with acupuncture and have never heard anything negative; it can be combined with 'traditional' vet treatment with good results also…


  • The 14yo JRT that I used to pet sit would get accupuncture for his arthritis in his hip & shoulder. It worked fantastic for him and gave him great relief…and he only would make a noise (he was a growly cranky old man) when they would put the needle in near the crown, otherwise, he would just lie there while they put the rest of the needles in. Kind of amazing.

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