• My oldest male Basenji, Moses, got nailed by a car about 10 years back. At 11 years old he is feeling it when the weather is cold and rainy. About 6 years back a ladder kicked out from under me. I have 3 plates in my wrist. I know Moses' pain.

    I friend of mine is one of those "hippie chicks". She has recommended acupuncture. For both of us.

    Normally I am skeptical of such treatments. However, I have horrible allergies. The kind that shut down respitory systems with the right antoganists. My friend has recommended a regiment of fenu-thyme and garlic. This actually works. I don't get nasal infections. This "hippie crap" does wonders. Unless I'm around some nasty, invasive agents; then I need the industrial grade medication. What vets give to rhinos for nasal infections.

    I am hoping that others have an open mind and have witnessed the benefeits of acupunture. In 10 years I have done the meds, the pain killers, the PT. All we are left with is the acupunture. I can spend my money on known failures or I can spend my money on an unkown and maybe get positive results.

    I cannot imagine I am the only one in this predicament. I just want to hear from others who have tried acupuncture.


  • While I have not tried acupunture, I know lots of people with other breeds that have and have only good things to say about it….

  • I have not tried acupuncture myself- or for my dogs… they are still young, but I had a very dear friend whose lab had severe arthritis... she found great results with acupuncture; granted they were not long lasting- she had to keep taking her dog for more sessions, but she did find that it helped relieve some of the painful symptoms.

    Best of luck to you guys... Sorry for your pain... 😞

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