• For Christmas and birthday Luny got a few new squeeky toys (typical right) - unlike my previous beastie (EL D), however, Luny doens't destroy new toys within 2 minutes but instead "plays nice". In fact he mostly sleeps (well he is 10 yrs) and doesn't attack toys at all.
    Well one of the new toys had a broken squeeky and as it happened to be one that was a pretty realistic squirrel, I decided to do something different - I tied a string on it and ran it past Luny. Boy did that wake him up - I ran that thing all over the house with Luny chasing after it (of course I let him catch it a few times). Now that has become his favorite toy (I don't know if because it looks realistic or acts realistic) and I'll find him throwing it around if I'm busy and can't play "run-and-catch". He's been getting aggressive with it too - the other night it landed in the Christmas tree and yesterday it ended up on top of another live plant where he couldn't see it. For a laid back "old man", he sure is having a second childhood. 🙂

  • Luny, aka Tommy, used to do a bunch of racing. I bet that toy looks an aweful lot like the squawker (lure). Well I'm sure those old days are kicking in, and he's all business. 🙂 When the weather turns nice, get a lunge whip or a fishing pole and tie that to it. Swing that thing around in the yard and boy will he have a blast! 🙂

    Glad you are enjoying your new boy. May you and Luny have many happy years together!

  • Thanks - I'm going to look into the lure racing this summer again - he might like going to the practice sessions maybe.

  • Did Luny (or I guess I should say Tommy ) used to do lure coursing or straight line/oval track racing?

    I'm glad you found something fun for Luny to do.

  • I think he's tried it all. Here's his awards:
    AFSA Field Champion and Lure Courser of Merit, Large Gazehound Racing Champion, the first male second basenji to be Superior Gazehound Racing Champion, and was also a Junior Oval Racer. And of course an AKC show champion.

    (And I changed his call name partly because I don't like people-names for dogs and partly because he's a LUNATIC :))

  • Pretty accomplished boy. He obviously must love running and chasing.

  • WOW! that is impressive for an old man getting his second wind 🙂

  • Yep, he did both and did quite well. And yeah, I would definitely take him to the race meets and let him have a little fun. I have seen quite a few dogs in their teens enjoying a romp on the field. 🙂

    I don't know what lure coursing is in your area, but I do know there are races in MN, sounds like they're not too far from you? And race meets are usually a lot more accomodating as far as practices.

    Have fun Luny!

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