• Yesterday was the first anniversary of the first litter at Quercus Basenjis! Happy Birthday to Hippo (our keeper) in Ohio, Rayne in Seattle area, Bella Jr (can't remember her new name!) in Alaska and Cheeto (original name, Herbie)also in Seattle area. I can't believe it has been a year already…seems like yesterday Bella went into labor while we were at the vet clinic getting her xray to count pups.

    All pups are in loving families, three are being shown in conformation, and all have OFA prelimed as "good".

    Happy Birthday babies!

  • Happy Birthday Quercus Pups!

  • Andrea, happy birthday and big barooos to Mr. wrinkle face and family!!!! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Hippo, Rayne, Bella Jr and Cheeto!!

  • Happy Brithday!! To all!!!

  • And as he flew away I heard him say: happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to ALL!

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