• I am looking for some advice. My basenji, Tosca, has had two accidents in the house in the last 3-4 days. This is very unusual for her, as she will maybe have accidents maybe 3-5 times a year at most.
    The first time was around 11:30 a few days ago. I had taken her out to go to the bathroom around 9:30 (her usual time) and I was with her, so I know she went, and it seemed like a normal amount. I brought her in the bedroom with me to go to sleep at 11:30 and she was pacing around whining. I just figured she was mad to be in there with me since my husband was up in the living room (she's whined about this before) so I pretty much ignored her, figuring she'd settle down soon. Well, then she jumped up on my bed and just peed. I felt bad since she had been pacing/whining, but she had just been out a few hrs prior (normal for her before bed) so I didn't think anything of her having to go to the bathroom.

    Then, just today, she did it again. This time, she peed on the living room couch (well, blanket on the couch thankfully), with no apparant pacing this time. At least I don't think so. I had been wrapping xmas gifts, and so she had been running around following me and trying to eat paper, typical b 😛 so I could have been mistaken, but she was not pawing at the door to get out or anything. This time it seemed totally random. This happened at 9:00, and she had been out to go to the bathroom at 7:30.

    Any ideas on why this could be happening? It is very unlike her. My first fear that pops into my head is fanconi of course ( I know I should be strip testing, or do the DNA test, shame on me, but that is irrelevant right now), but she is not excessively drinking or anything else. She also does not seem sick at all either, her activity and appetite are normal. Her age is somewhere between 4-6 (we don't know for certain since she was a rescue), so she is not extremely old. She had been scolded before she peed tonight for getting into xmas paper, and she was pissed at being in the bedroom with me the other night, so unless it has something to do with being angry, I don't know. That would be totally new for her, though. The only other change is that with the crazy winter weather we have had recently, walks have been nonexistant for the last week or so. Thats the only other thing i can think of…

    Any ideas on what could be the cause? How long should I wait to call the vet? Each time she goes its a decent amount, both the accidents and outside. Right now she is just curled up beside me so cute, its hard to be mad at her, but this is very frusturating...any advice would be great!!!

  • Could be a UTI. The first noticed sign of UTI is more frequent urination or inappropriate urination.

  • They don't need to have excessive drinking, especially when Fanconi is caught early… so you do need to strip test her... and yes the other possible is a UTI and they have no control if either...., that does require a trip to the Vet. For me, any time there is a drastic change in ususal behavior (like peeing) is a trip to the Vet....

  • How's Tosca doing??

  • Older spayed females often "leak" and need some hormone therapy to stay dry, but that is usually leaking during sleep, not outright major peeing. UTI springs to mind. Possibly time to take her out every couple of hours and be sure that bladder is empty so she is set up for good behavior!

    Good luck.

  • Definitely pick up some strips and test her urine. Tayda had a few accidents in the house, which is what prompted me to test her urine, and she was spilling sugar….

  • Well, thanks for all of the advice everyone! Thankfully, she has not had any accidents since I started the topic. The more I think about it, I don't think it's a matter of not being able to hold it, because she is in her crate everyday from about 7-4:30, and has not had any accidents in there, nor does she go right to the door when we get home to get let out.
    One theory, and I don't know if it has any merit or not, is that it has been SUPER cold here lately, like -20 windchills, and when I take Tosca out she pees immediately and as quickly as possible so she can get back inside. I am wondering if maybe she didn't go all the way cause she wanted to get back in, and then later had to go again? I don't know…either that or I think it has something to do with getting angry/anxious about something. I am going to watch her closely the next few days and see how things are (I am off till Jam 5th for break) and will call a vet if there continues to be a problem. Either way, I know I need to start strip testing or do the DNA, everytime she has an accident my mind jumps right to fanconi, so I know i need to do something about that. Thanks again for all your help, and hopefully the problem is resolved...we'll see!

  • Please strip test her… or do the DNA test... and find out her status.... It is important you both her and you......

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