• A sighthound (non basenji) friend posted this on Facebook.

    2000$$ REWARD !!!!HELP!!!! ANYONE coming home from the Montreal flyball tourney, Claire Gordon's truck was stolen out of the Jack Astor's parking lot, ALL THE DOGS are in the truck. License # 501 ONE Ontario plates, black Chevy Silverado, 2004 model diesel. Call 1 (613) 720-9047, if you see the truck! Please CROSS POST

  • These dogs have been found 🙂 Yay!

  • Hip hip hooray!

  • Houston

    Thank goodness they are safe..

  • Thank God. Its always awful when a dog gets lost, but when somebody intentionally steals a truck full of them!?!?!? This was a heartbreaking post!

  • Houston

    There was just a break in in a home about 45 minutes away from where I live and they stole 2 five week old whippet puppies..horrible. Why would anybody do that..so far they have not been found and this was a few days ago. Thye also took some video games and such, so they think the burglars were kids….

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