Marley and the pumpkin

Here a few picks of the strange invader

oh I love that stance in pic1, mine do that too. It's like let me get as close as possible without moving my feet so I can spring back if need be. Too cute!

Next to my red & white, I love B & W, Marley is beautiful, and oh so nosey!!!! Basenjis have GOT to investigate everything!!!!

Fab pics, Marley is just gorgeous!!

I just love b/w (sigh). I sure won't get any this year!

Haha. We call Dallas Nosey Osey because he always has to investigate everything & be in everyone's business! Haha. This reminds me of that 🙂 Marley is being nosey with the pumpkin!

Funny pics! That look on his face in the 4th picture is like "Whats IS THAT THING!!?!!?!??"

so cute!

wait, is marley a he or a she?

Very cute photos.

She is certainly a cutie pie! 🙂 I want a b/w now! Haha

It was kind of funny how cautious she acted towards the pumpkins, she has not acted that way with anything else. Took her a good 5 min to even get close enough to smell one.

Basenji Mix

Real cute boy approaching the pumpkin so carefully! Nice pics. When my son was cleaning out the Halloween pumpkin last week, Duke and Daisy waited eagerly to gobble up the bits that missed the paper bag. I didn't know they would like raw pumpkin! I figured that since canned pumpkin is OK, I gave them more scrapings. They thought it was a yummy treat.

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