• Do any of your dogs climb over the child gates and exercise pens that are supposed to keep them contained? I figured she would try to push them over but not climb them and get over!

  • Baby gates? Those are just jungle gyms that are stationed all over the house for the humans to trip over! LOL! Yes, we have a climber too. Zahra taught her brother (a Puggle) how to lean his weight against the plastic one at the foot of the stairs so that it falls over. Resourceful little thing, isn't she?

  • 😃 Funny C&Zsmom 😃 😃

    Don't have any gates here, but he climbs up and around my head when I'm on the computer. I end up wearing Basenji over the shoulder. If Duke had his way, he would stand on my head to get a better look out the window when I'm in this chair. It's comical especially when my son watches his acrobatics. :rolleyes:

  • Baby gates are one aspect..I have a second Basenji-boy we nicknamed "monkey-boy." He can scale trees and wire fences (if, he chooses to not just jump the fence). No bird or squirrel knows safety in the trees in the backyard–he will climb the tree to reach them!

  • Jill, Abbey loves to play computer. It all started when I got a new one. She wanted to climb up in my lap for a look. She was fascinated by the arrow until she discovered scrolling. The problem is my view of her rear end when she's standing in my lap. Thank goodness she gets tired of it in a few minutes!

  • I had to bust a good laugh Lenora - I can picture it. Hard to navigate with that view, eh? <gggg>Thank you! :D</gggg>

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