• …and it's cold. The heater vent will do just fine.

  • Exactly… we have floor vents and as soon as mine hear the heater kick on... they are on top of the vent waiting. Maggii used to stare down the heater vents when she thought that is was way to cold and it should be on!

  • Mine hear the furnace come on and Shadow literally, RUNS for the vent!

  • Awww bless, just the right place to be!!

  • When mine are cold, I put on their sweaters. Doggie sweaters from Sally Wallis. She has them for sale, if anyone wants to see them. The profits go to rescue.
    We don't get winter like you folks back east, but the damp cold can chill a b.
    My girl lives in her sweater and either on the vent, or in her dog bed, by the computer, under her dog blanket.
    I must say, when its cold, they stay in bed as long as possible in the am.

  • EL D does that too - sits in front of whatever heat vent is nearest.

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