Basenji Club of Northern California Specialty

  • BRAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    DC Sherwood In The Nick Of Time - Best Opposite Veteran in Sweeps....

    And I get to brag cause I show him...:D

    I just love to show Nicky.... he is so much fun and always gives me a great performance in the ring... and he is in such wonderful condition.... which is a total credit to Lisa and Sam (Lisa is of course from our Forum)

    AND..... for a 4 point Major

    Emerant Fopaws TriWizard At Tanza was Winners Dogs for a 4 Pt Major.... It was a great day....

  • It was a great day. I was so proud of my boy who loves to get in the ring and show off with his "Aunt Pat". His soon to be born pups can be proud of their papa.

    It was also great to be there to see Kobey take a 4 point major and an Award of Merit, he is such a sweet boy.

  • Congrats on the nice win - that's such a nice show.

  • @dmcarty:

    Congrats on the nice win - that's such a nice show.

    Thanks… we enjoyed when you came and judged for us a few years ago

  • Good morning west coast! - I would ask what you are up doing but - I am betting the same thing gets you up at dawn o'clock that gets me up. Get theee to the show - and good luck.

    If you go into Pleasanton however - have a Linquisa Omelet for me at that old cafe down town.

  • Congratulations Pat and Lisa!


  • Very nice, congrats ladies… and a big congrats to Nicky as well.. Such a good boy. 🙂

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