• This is from Jon Curby, who is a director with Basenji Club of America and works for OFA…

    A new
    process has been implemented for ordering Fanconi tests.

    The OFA and the University of Missouri have entered into a cooperative
    agreement to offer this new procedure.

    You can now order a test on the internet and pay by credit card. A test
    kit will be sent that will allow the use of saliva applied to a special
    paper card that can then be returned to the lab. The special paper
    (FTA paper) will supply enough DNA samples for over twenty tests so when
    the direct marker is found no further DNA collection will be required.
    The kit consists of the FTA card, a foam swab to collect the saliva,
    instructions and a set of labels for mailing to the lab at the
    University of Missouri.

    Dr Johnson may still request blood for some research projects, but in
    many cases the FTA paper will satisfy that requirement.

    We require adding the dog to the Canine Phenome site before results will
    be sent, but the test order is a separate entry at this point.

    The test can be ordered from the CPP site or through the OFA site.
    From the dogs profile page in the CPP click "Fanconi test"
    www.caninephenome.org or go to the "OFA DNA testing" link on the OFA
    website homepage

    www.offa.org or www.offa.org/dnatesting directly.

    Any tests in progress from the previous procedure will be completed.

    The new procedure will allow you to check the status of your test
    request online with use of a conformation code that will be emailed to
    you when the order is placed.

    The price the kit and test will be $65 to cover the cost of the kit and

    Jon Curby


  • I did that, it was slightly harder than the test for DNA for AKC, but Medjai liked it more than the blood draw for the fanconi test.

  • @etzbseder:

    I did that, it was slightly harder than the test for DNA for AKC, but Medjai liked it more than the blood draw for the fanconi test.

    It is so much easier… then getting the blood drawn... what Michael is referring to is with the Fanconi test, you have to swab the mouth and then transfer the saliva to the FTA paper and let it dry... (at room temperature) then send it in....

    DNA for AKC parent testing is just a cheek brush that you swab the mouth, stick it back in the package and mail it to AKC....

  • Is this available for other countries (continents:D )?

  • Good question. I don't believe so quite yet, but it should be (in my opinion) as it is less susceptible to damage and is better for shipping long distances than only being able to test blood.

    Pat, maybe you know the answer.

  • @Tiva:

    Is this available for other countries (continents:D )?

    As fas as I know it is available world wide, but you can email Jon Curby

  • This is wonderful news.
    We can all get our dogs tested.

  • is it as accurate as the blood test? can you still send blood?

  • It is supposed to be as accurate as the blood test. You can definitely still send blood, which they would appreciate, especially when we get new testing procedures.

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