AKC National Lure Coursing BIF !!!!

Better late than never, as long as the Rock Star [aka, Phoebe, or the Feebinator] doesn't find out!!

now she is …...

drum roll.........

MBIF FC Khani's Here To Stay SC (pictured winning her first BIF back in May):

On the first day of the NLCC, Phoebe won the Specials stake, and went on to beat a Scottish Deerhoud, Saluki, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and an Irish Wolfhound….
this girl can RUN RUN and then RUN some more!

YAY Phoebe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAH Kathy…..congrats...how awesome for you, and wow that is some BIG dogs to outrun...what a great little girl 😃

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