AKC National Lure Coursing BIF !!!!

  • Better late than never, as long as the Rock Star [aka, Phoebe, or the Feebinator] doesn't find out!!

    now she is …...

    drum roll.........

    MBIF FC Khani's Here To Stay SC (pictured winning her first BIF back in May):

    On the first day of the NLCC, Phoebe won the Specials stake, and went on to beat a Scottish Deerhoud, Saluki, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and an Irish Wolfhound….
    this girl can RUN RUN and then RUN some more!

  • YAY Phoebe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YAH Kathy…..congrats...how awesome for you, and wow that is some BIG dogs to outrun...what a great little girl 😃

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