• Phoenix finally got his stitches out the end of last week and here's a couple pics without his "Cone" He was sooo Happy to get that off he didnt stop running around for hours lol anyway the Boys are back to being friends "Bug Hunting, butt sniffing budddies 🙂


  • I'll take more pics when he finally slows down alittle bit 🙂

  • I'm glad he has healed up and most of all that the boys are best friends again. It gives him an edgy, punked look!

    Anne in Tampa

  • So glad to hear that he is free to run around without smaking into things with his cone head. 🙂

  • Good to hear.

  • It's funny actually after a while with the "cone" on his head he learned just how to move it around so he could still do his favorite things .. Like getting into the kitchen trash or Bathroom trash , stealing towels , walking away with other asst items lol yep it didnt slow him down much after the first week. But now that he has if off I have noticed he just wants to play play play 🙂

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