• For some reason, Max really hates bicycles… motorcycles can bother him too, but bicycles make him really upset. It's really not a huge problem, I just have to be really watchful if one is coming close on our walks because he tries to lunge at them! Anyone else had this issue?

  • Like cars… it excites to chase.. you need to work with that Basenji that it is nothing to fear or chase...

  • Jack gets spooked by them….he doesn't lunge, he runs away from bicycles.

    As far as motorcycles go, as long as they are parked and quiet, he wants to sniff them, but as soon as they start making noise, he wants to be as far away from them as possible.

    But my dog is afraid of his own shadow, too.

  • I have the same issue w/ my dog. If a bike goes by while we're walking I put him in a sit/wait and get 'watch me' till it's past. to take the focus off the bike.

  • Hi I am new to this site and this is actually my first post.

    Jax is my 7 year old Basenji and as much as he drives me crazy I still love him all the same. Had to get that out. Not only does Jax try to lunge at bikes but joggers, walkers, other dogs, and cars. I always have to look over my shoulder to check if anone or thing is approaching and step to the side. I have tried treats to get him to focus on me but to no luck. He also has an issue of pulling unless I keep the chocker chain up high on his neck. Can I teach this old dog some new tricks?

  • I have no idea about the training aspect, however, my dog Tosca used to pull quite a bit too, and still does sometimes. And she ALWAYS will lunge at cars, bikes, and especially big loud trucks. In the beginning I used just a regular collar with her, until I became worried about choking her too much. I tried a choke chain just once, and could not do it again, i actually stopped half way through, she would just ignore the pain and get choked for whatever she wanted.
    Anyway, what worked really nicely for me was a Gentle Leader Harness, recommended from my vet. I can't say it trained her all that much, but it makes the pulling much easier. Basically, when I pull her along, she has to follow or the harness will knock her off balance. Plus it doesn't hurt her, and I no longer have to worry about choking her. This worked very well for me, maybe something like this would work for you…just a suggestion 🙂

  • Riley lunges after cars too and it really freaks me out, Zip has never done that. As far as pulling goes…..right now I'm in the habit of walking them every night and it usually goes really well or pretty bad with Riley. I plant my feet when the leash goes taught and we stand there until he pays attention to me. I have to stop letting him think that pulling works to bring him closer to whatever he wants.
    Some days he's walked on a loose lead 75% of the time and other times it's just a disaster and I resort to bringing his regular collar up behing his ears and finishing the walk that way.

    guuuuh patience....he drives me crazy sometimes. It feels like I have 50 lb dog on lead.

  • No help on the training piece, I just try to get Spike to sit and stay when a motorcycle passes or he will lunge at it…and get this one....also despises WEED WHACKERS!!!! Inspires the same behavior.:eek:

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