• I have to share my "morning jog" with people who will understand.

    So, we don't have a fence, yet, so I have been taking Jack out and putting him on his tie line. This morning, there was a squirrel that jumped from the tree next to the house onto the roof. Jack and I were watching him. I backed up to see where the squirrel had gone. I turn back, and Jack was sniffing around in the neighbors yard, like he does this every day. I walked over to him, and I think that was when he realized that he was free. Oh, yeah, he bolted. So here I am running down the street in my lime green pajamas and flip flops going "Jack, Jack, come here, lets go home!" Finally, he stopped and looked at me and I took the opportunity to say in a very happy voice, "Okay Jack, let's go home!" and turned around and started walking home…and he started following me! And then he ran right past me! And then he stopped in a neighbors yard, I think he realized he didn't quite know what to do....so I pounced on him, picked him up and carried him home. i know you aren't supposed to yell at them when they (finally) come to you, but I didn't trust my voice....so I just didn't say anything. Once I got him inside, I called him every name under the sun. The clip on the tie line just doesn't close anymore. It will close, but it is really loose. So, I have to go get a new one. In the meantime, it is the leash for us.

  • If you can't catch the b's, you can often open the car door like your taking them for a ride, and say, "well, I say" bye,bye in the car!
    That makes them head for the car and once the door is open, they jump in.
    Just another way to catch a loose b.
    Its scarey when they are out running.
    I am so glad this ended well.

  • If Brando gets loose, I only have to say one word, "cheese" and he'll come running back and will actually follow me in the door to the refrigerator to get his cheese. With Ruby I say "come Ru" and walk in the opposite direction and she will look and see me walking away from her and run after me. I'll stop and make a big deal of being happy to see her and I can pick her up.

    If the kids get loose (has only happened a couple of times), I grab Ruby first because Ruby is a little harder…Brando is a breeze. For cheese to work on Ruby, she needs to be right near me to see it or it has no power over her.

  • My previous beastie got away one Sunday morning shortly after I acquired him . I knew I wouldn't have time to go back and get the leash or the car keys so I just took off after him - I'm not that athletic but I just managed to keep him in view. It was hot, it was early Sunday morning, and I'm swearing up a blue storm. Luckily after about a mile, he stopped, peed on a tree, and came back to me. This was before I knew about all the little tricks to get them back and I'm ashamed to say I grabbed him and just swore at him (but he never took off again). It is scarry when they do that. I'm working with EL D (my current beastie) to come immediately to the dog whistle for a special treat. Also when we exit the house via the side door he heads to the garage and car but when we exit via the yard gate he goes down the drive for a walk (even though the door and yard and adjacent). At least that way if he gets out the door when someone comes, he'll head for the car.

  • I just yell Dallas & start running in the opposite direction. This is a game we play in the house so he will chase me & essentially runs in front of me & turns around so he stops me from running. That has allowed me the time to then pick him up & walk into the house. Haha. Thankfully this has only happened once.

  • Shely has done this. I had her on a tie out at the park and she saw a father/daughter and ran so hard it broke her collar. She scared the little girl and the dad started kicking at her!! He couldn't speak English very well but I begged him to stop kicking at her. She will usually come back for a treat, a stick or her ball. Ahhhh so frusterating when they get away. She will run right by me just out of reach like "hahahah you're too slow sucker!"

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