We Narrowly Avoided Disaster…

  • Well, if nothing else, last nights excitment proved that even the most domesticated basenji is still capable of being a very good hunter :rolleyes:

    As im sure some of you know i have a few little parrots in my house. Maya hasn't really paid much attention to them, other than occassionally singing along to their screaching! :rolleyes: But im very, very careful not to let them out while she's around… until alst night :o

    One of my little conures CJ made a dash for freedom while i was changing his water bowls, he escaped out of the tiny gap the swinging feeder left when i opened it for about 2 seconds :eek: Anyway, being the genius he is, he flew straight to the sofa where Maya was sitting :eek:

    I've never seen anything like it, one second she was asleep - and i mean completely flat out! The next she jumped about 3ft and grabbed CJ out of the air :eek: Cue much screaming and flapping from him :rolleyes:

    I have to say though, she was very good, she let go of him when i grabbed her and she must have an incredibly soft mouth cos he didnt have a mark on him! 🙂 But, just to show the stupidity of the bird, as i was just about to take Maya out of the room while i sorted him out, he came strutting up, screeching and fluffing himself up like they do when they're being threatening, then started lunging at her feet :rolleyes: I think he has a death wish 😃

    But anyway... That could easily have been a very unpleasant situation with my little birdie dead, so lesson learnt. Dont open any part of the cage with the wild beast in the room! :p Her reactions are just so fast....

  • that really was a close one!! fortunately it ended all well, I hope CJ isnt hurt in his inside.

    one of my puppies went to a family with a parrot, it goes very well together

    8 weeks

    7 months

  • Oh my goodness Jess what a fright you and CJ must have got.Hope he is ok today.
    Love the pics Ibi n sane 😃

  • Lovely pictures Ibi n Sane. Im sure Maya would be ok with a bigger parrot, mine are all tiny - ****atiel size, so just too tempting i think lol

    CJ is absolutely fine today, i gave him a good check over last night and he had no marks on him at all, he didnt even seem all that bothered by the whole ordeal, just annoyed that Maya had the audacity to grab him 😃 I think Maya was more shocked than him!

  • Glad CJ is ok, what a cheeky bird 😃

  • Happy that CJ was all right. I think our Blue Fronted Amazon (SO FAR) has Jaycee in her place but we have been really careful. Your right one second and it's like o no. The day I opened Sweetpea's cage and Jaycee just went right into it like help but all was ok that time anyway.

    Rita Jean

  • What a fright you would get! Milo watches my senegal parrot, Pepe when he's out of his cage but he doesn't get too close. Mind you, now i've heard your story i'll be taking extra care!

  • That's quite the reaction from Maya. Amazing how these dogs can be completely out, sleeping quietly, and they can be awoken and ready to catch something almost instantly. It shows how dynamic they are.

  • Glad Cj is allright!!!

    Here it happens also once in a while, they ALWAYS fly to the dogs….
    The dogs are soooo fast but never hurt them..

  • Those are such great shots!! I guess you could call this "the birds and the Bs". I think your B knows that the bird is a family member but just wanted to demonstrate to the bird who's really king of the jungle in your house.

  • Whew! That was close. Love the birds and the B's comment, nobarkus! The pics posted with the bird are great!

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