• Hi,
    My, almost 3yrs., basenji named Ninjia(Nina), just loves kids. We got her as a 10wk. old puppy and she grew up around kids. There could be a house full of adults and 1 child and she will hunt out that kid and ignore the rest of the adults. But when there are no children around she is just as happy being with the adults.
    We did teach our children how to handle the dog as soon as we got her. So they both could understand and learn how to and not how to handle her and play with her. Now, when they're here, she just loves to be with them. 🙂 Even when taking her for walks, she will see a kid and just pull at her leash and "whine" to get to that kid with her tail, and whole butt as well, just wagging a million miles an hour.
    I really think, in my opinion it's how the dog is raised. If you get an older dog, it will take some time for them to get used to children in the home if it was never around them before. A puppy will grow up being used to children if it has been exposed to them at a young age. It really depends on the training too. Others may think differently but it does play a part in how the basenji acts around other children.
    As I said, my basenji just loves kids! She much would rather be with kids to play with and such and when there's no kids around, she'll "settle" for the adults for the play and attetion she wants.🆒

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