• We're meeting once again. This time at Maddox Park in Mira Mesa (off Flanders Dr. between Camino Santa Fe and Camino Ruiz.

    Sun, Aug 24 at 4:30pm.

    Bring light snacks or beverages.

  • Just a reminder that this San Diego County basenji gathering is today!

    Sorry for the very last minute reminder, been a busy week. If you're in the area, see you there.

  • Hello,
    My friends were at the dog park today, and talked to you about your basenjis. He gave me your website. I have had my Basenji for 10 years, and have always loved the breed. Are there any meetings further north in the Inland Valley area? I would love to see more Basenjis or meet other owners. I joined this group today to find out more. Thanks

  • Hi Vanessa,
    Your friend must have had the St Bernard, right? We missed a great "which of these things is not like the other" photo opp when a whole pack of B's surrounded the St B to say hello 😃

    We have folks from all over San Diego county so we meet in various areas, from Balboa Park near downtown to North County. There's a SoCal group too, though, that I think meets in Pasadena (see thread on this page). Is that closer for you?

    I'll send you an email tomorrow to connect you to our group so you'll get notified of our Sept gathering. Welcome to Basenji Forums! This is a picture-loving group if you want to post a thread with a photo of your basenji.

  • Hey,
    There must have been a bunch of people there. My friends had the small shep mix and a Jindo/Akita/Lab cross. How do I post a photo of my Lily? As for location, I live in Murrieta, so Pasadena is far. North County is much closer to me. When I lived in Ill, Lily and I would meet up with a few other Basenjis at the dog park and she loved it. She now lives with a Jindo, and a very distinct mutt who love to play together. Being 10 now, she has her grouchy moments, but has always been such a nice Basenji, which seems to be an unusual characteristic for many. Thanks again.

  • We have a whole pack of nice basenjis, actually.;) I put your email on our list so we can let you know when and where our Sept gathering will be.

  • And here's a link to some info on posting photos so we can see Lily.


  • Mariposadvm, we don't have contact info for you. If you're still around, note that we have a meetup this weekend and you're welcome!

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