• Looks like for 2009 we've established a regular schedule of San Diego basenji gatherings.

    We'll be meeting every 2nd Sunday at Balboa Park at Nate's Point dog park (Laurel off 6th Ave). Every 4th Sunday we'll be meeting in North County somewhere - stay tuned for the location; I think Torrey Highlands in Del Mar is leading in popularity.

    Next up: Sunday, December 14 at Balboa. We're considering a Secret Senji Santa exchange if we get enough interest. If not, it'll just be the usual: laughing at the basenjis bowing and running and trading stories and strategies. See you there! 😃

  • this is the first time I have tried this site. so much information. We have been looking for an opportunity to meet with other Basenji owners with our girl Chloe. What time are you all meeting on December 14? We will be waiting for news on the possible North County meeting.

  • We'd love to meet you and Chloe. Hope you can join us at Balboa Park on the 14th. Meetups start at 2 pm, and we're usually there for 2 hours or so.

    I think the North County 4th-Sunday meetups are starting Jan 24th, and latest talk is to have that one at Rancho Bernardo dog park and then decide on a consistent location in that area. Do you live in North County?

  • Oh, and welcome to the forum - this is a huge resource and a nice place to play. I'm sure everyone here would love to hear a little about Chloe and how you found one another. And photos are much appreciated! 😃

  • Yeah!! we will try to make it with just a few the kids!! Does everyone always get along??

  • Great, Sharla! Yeah, the B's always seem to get along or - at worst - ignore one another. Every once in a while one of them will get into it with some other dog at the park, but generally they're a happy group.

  • Faita is definitely going to try to make it there…she just loves that park!!

  • Don't forget the San Diego Senji Second Sunday (say that 3 times fast) December meetup is today at 2 pm at Balboa Park. Unless it's seriously raining, in which case all the basenjis must stay inside near the heater vents so they don't melt. Being they're made of sugar and all. :rolleyes:

    See you at the dog park just Southeast of Laurel and Sixth. Baroooo! 😃

  • It was a good time. Cairo was having lots of fun. Hope to see you guys on the next one.

  • It was great meeting all the basenjis and their owners at the park on December 14th. Chloe learned some new tricks and now she wants to rough house with other dogs and our grandchildren! We are looking forward to the next get together.

  • It was a great time! It was great having Cairo and Chloe and Levi join us, and meeting Buddy for the first time.

    We'll be meeting at Balboa again on Sunday, January 11 at 2 pm. Can't wait to see everyone. Any other San Diego 'senjis out there that want to play?

    We should be doing a No County Saturday meetup on January 24 too; we'll keep you posted as details develop.

    Happy New Year to all our basenjis and their people!

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