• The Ring Zinger


    I got this toy and all I can say is wow! Piper absolutely loves it. She’s never really gotten excited about toys outside and will only play for a minute or so with balls or flying disks, but with this she will chase it as long as I will throw it. It will easily roll the length of my backyard which is around 200 feet and takes lots of crazy hops that drive her wild. She of course doesn’t bring it back because what self-respecting basenji would retrieve, but it gives her a great opportunity to really stretch her legs and anything that tires her out makes me really happy.:)

    The video on the site doesn’t seem to work but here is the link to the youtube video


  • Just like the bunny at the lure trial!!!! (if it was real it would not come back either…ggg)

  • That's actually what I thought about when I saw it and I thought it would be good practice for coursing, or at least if nothing else it should help with conditioning.

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