• @Lucythebasenji:

    = ) the hoodie is a photoshop its her face on my body lol yea we dont have one toy in the house thats not chewed up and the spoon she got once to tell us shes hungry it was amazing shes never done it b 4

    We don't have a toy with eye's, nose or ears…..it cracks me up that they always chew them first.:D

  • lol yea she alwasy goes for the plastic eyes first then she goes straight for the neck haha

  • That is so funny!!!!!!!!Love the singing, hoping Rocket will hear this and start to yodel!

  • i think its very easy to get a basenji to sing along jus play this video when he's around

  • I gave it a try, the kids were so hoping that she would sing along, but Nala just sat there and looked at me like, "…and why did you call me up here?" No food, no interest. She responds to cats meowing on television though...

  • lol well nice try i guess your just gonna have to keep playing my video = P

  • I tried it too, Rocket stood on his hind legs to see where the sound was coming from!!! But no yodels yet.

  • = ( keep trying maybe they'll pick it up

  • OMG! Too much!! I love her singing! And I esp love the pic with Lucy holding the spoon in her mouth! Looks like she luvs the camera.
    My Rosey is the only basenji I know, I actually have never heard a b howl before, didn't even know they could. All Rosey vocalizes are whines and I guess a kind of yodel(?)-I call it a "yawn" cause that's what it looks like to me.

  • lol yea most basenji's are actually yodelers i was just messing with the harmonica one time and she came up to me and sat down next to me and started to sing. The spoon was funny it happened once and it was her way of telling us that she hasnt been fed. When she grabbed the spoon im asking my mom maybe shes hungry? and my mom says oh right she hasnt been fed yet, she didnt want to give back the spoon though

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