Hi from Indiana

Hello!! We are a family of 3 labradors & then along comes little Mary, a lab Basenji mix. Mary is 6 months old weighs about 28 pounds & is cute as a button. She is a little bundle of fire that does things, usually on HER terms. She was supposed to be a foster pup, till she stole our HEARTS! She is here for the long haul, we just have never had a Basenji before & they are a little different than labs, even a Basenji lab mix! Looking forward to the help & advice! Thanks, Karen & co 😃

hi welcome! i cant wait to see what mary looks like. 🙂 this is a great place for help. basenjis are different, for sure! glad you found love!

So cute in your avatar! Welcome!

Welcome aboard. Look forward to seeing pics of Mary. She sounds like a typical Basenji/Mix. I have a Whippet/Basenji mix and she too is a handful.

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