• I am not sure I belong here but I have found the Basenjis to be fascinating dogs so far. My husband and I, married for 38 years, have recently rescued a little girl that we are almost certain is at least part Basenji. She sure looks the part and can make some of the strangest sounds we have ever heard from a dog. A guy wanted to get rid of her so my husband went and picked her up rather than letting them take her to a shelter or her end up being some bait dog which seems to happen a lot around here or mean people get them and torment them. She was quite a mess, flea infestation, urinary tract infection,, dehydrated, and we believe starving. The imbecile was feeding a puppy food big enough for a full grown german shepherd dog. After getting everything medically taken care of now she is becoming a very sweet girl but different from any other dog we have known. She is a beautiful brindle, estimating approximately 3-4 months old and probably 10-12 pounds maybe. She is very tiny built because she is not much shorter than our other rescue of almost 2 years now that is 17-18 inches tall. Mya has taken to Nova immediately and is like a surrogate mother to her. They love running and playing together. I cannot even begin to say what kinds of sounds she makes but when she tries to howl it is more like a yodel. She is terrified of other dogs right now but we do not know what happened before we got her. She loves people but scared of other dogs. She loves digging and shredding things and chewing.

    We previously had 2 dogs a yorkie and an American Eskimo, we had both for 15-1/2 years and were devastated when we lost them. It was about 4 years before my husband would agree to get another one. We got Mya and she has been absolutely wonderful. She is half border collie and half either rat terrier or jack russell terrier. She is a brown or red, whichever you call it, tricolor with beautiful greenish eyes. She is super smart and energetic. Very skittish around people but loves all other dogs, and this is even though she has been through several training courses and socialized. She has done so well we were looking for another to rescue when my husband found Nova. Now we have 2 unique looking dogs that are joined at the hip that we have fallen in love with totally. Mya was different also has a lot of bc characteristics so we had to learn the best way to work with her and so now we are here trying to learn if this is what Nova may be a mix of and the best way to learn with her. We have been blessed with 2 such sweet rescues.

    I would be interested in hearing what you all think of our Nova and if she is part Basenji.

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