They drive me nuts….

on Monday I have FedExed my Basenji's bloodsamples from Kolding in Denmark to the Universitiy of Missouri in the US. First of all it was horrible expensive to ship them, then the parcel was sitting for a whole day in Paris (France) and now is in Memphis, Tennesse for delivery. AND the Trackingwebsite is not updated. It was supposed to be delivered today at 10.30 and obviously it is already later. I wonder if the bloodsamples will arrive there in a "proper" condition….

Worried but not hopeless


so, I just called the FedEx Customer Service Hotline and they told me, that the parcel is supposed to be delivered today (!). It was sheduled for delivery yesterday, but the people working there, had problems in sorting out the packages. What the heck….

Getting nervous about the conditions of the blood samples now....


I just received the Tracking Info that the parcel has been delivered. Well, I hope that everything is ok with the blood samples. I am waiting now to hear from Liz H. about the samples, if everything is alright with them…


I hope everything works out ok for you.

Liz wrote to me and told me, that the samples are in "almost perfect" condition. And that they can use them for the DNA extraction…..


That is great news. I am glad that it worked out ok. Too bad it was such a hassle in the first place.

I'm glad it got there safely and was usable.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: and now we have to wailt…...

I hate waiting..... :rolleyes: 🆒


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