How do you read Basenji Forums?

Go to the QuickLink to Today's Posts? Go straight to a topic (rescues, introductions, etc)?

I need to post a couple more questions/appeals regarding transport, 2-week fostering or kennel suggestions for a B I'm picking up from a shelter in El Paso, and was wondering if it would be better to post a Rescues thread or post in a more general category (like Basenji Talk). That got me to wondering how other members read the forums.

I tend to go to Today's Posts and scan. How about you?

I go to New posts

I go to anything marked "Today", and then will sometimes scan the topics for anything I may have missed in the last few days.

I go straight to Latest Posts on the bottom right.

I, like Pat, go to New Posts at the top.

I click on each forum that says it has been updated that day, and then just read through all the unread posts. Just like magazines I am anal about it, and read straight through from top to bottom 🙂

I look at each forum, and read the new posts. I also use the search mode if I am looking for a specific topic, which I find helpful .

Anne in Tampa

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