• EL D has proven himself to be quite the hunter, having caught several rabbits. Until last evening he has never managed to nab a chipmunk. He surprised one in the strawberry patch and must have killed it as soon as he grabbed it.

    I was about to go and take the yardkill from him and the curious thing is, I realized he didn't realize it was dead. I watched him for awhile as he dropped the chipmunk and waited for it to get up and run. He even nudged it with his nose. When it still didn't move, he touched it with his paw. I could see that he was a little "cautious" (for lack of a better term) about it suddenly taking off, as he would reach out to tap it while backing up. :p

    Eventually he realized it was dead (he started tossing it and shaking it) and though he never did try to eat it he did try to roll over it. :eek: Gross.

  • Dallas tried "playing" with my sister's hampster once. Yea…I don't think the hampster enjoyed Dallas trying to put his whole little body into his mouth very much. We haven't let them in the same room since for fear that Dallas would accidently eat the hampster...Haha

  • Urbi, my female R&W Basenji has made a bunch of friends like that! She finds every frog in our neighborhood and she does the same thing. She nudges it and waits for it to jump and then reacts when it hits her little nose. One day we found a lazy frog and she tried to nudge it to move but it just wouldnt. Needless to say, we quickly lost interest in that frog friend!

  • I'm not sure if you can see the chipmunk but …

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