• Hi all, I am posting for a friend who is looking for a brindle bitch. He is wanting to hunt with her. He spent the weekend with my own basenji and was amazed at his speed, intelligence beauty and hunting ability. He mostly hunts rabbits, but does do squirrel, and some ground birds, and after seeing what my untrained pup can do in just one of his back pastures, he is dead set on getting one himself. He has experience with high energy, somewhat stubborn hounds already. He is absolutely not interested in showing, just high energy and very high prey drive. I am sure I could take her lure coursing with me on a few occasions, but mostly as a pet/hunter. All of his dogs live inside and are well taken care of. His best hunting dog recently passed away and his remaining fiest is getting on in age, so he needs a new hunter. He would prefer a brindle , but where work ability is concerned I am sure he would be fine with a red, tri, or black. We would be willing to travel down to Ohio, but hopefully no further to pick her up. We are located in central Michigan.

    if anyone has a bitch that might fit him, please let me know so i can get you his information, and get you in touch.


  • Was his back pasture fenced? If not, weren't you worried that your basenji would not come back?? If you trained your pup to come back to you outside… DO TELL HOW YOU DID IT!!!

  • His back pasture used to be used for raising miniature goats, so yes the whole thing is fenced with chicken wire all the way around.

    While that was nice I still had my guy on a hugely long horse lunge line. My little guy knows come.. sometimes, but not well enough for me to trust him completely off-lead in that large of an area, its about..18 acres? Since their youngest boy is too old for 4H projects they sold off the goats and cows. now the field is just used for some hunting. They raise some of their own game birds like cotornix quail and chuckars. And well, the rabbits (wild) are all over that back field. I let my little guy "hunt" a few of them, never let him get one though.

    and if anyone can let loose their B with a rock solid come, they need to fill us all in.


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