• We've all been talking about what our basenjis will be wearing for cooler weather. In my neighborhood there is a very elegant looking older gentleman who owns five mini greyhounds. They are so well behaved it makes Abbey looks like a Tasmanian devil! They trot past in perfect formation, every head up and eyes forward. They pay no attention to other dogs, which of course is a burr under Miss Abbey's saddle because she's ready to take 'em all on. But I can't wait every fall to see what the dogs will be wearing. They seem to have matching coats for every day of the week, red plaid, blue plaid and burberry. No camouflage for these guys. No cheap brown and orange sweaters from WalMart. No Beach Bum or I'm a Diva tshirts. They may have their own individual closets or their own rooms, I don't know. I'd love to ask the man but he marches right on past just like his dogs do with his nose in the air.:)

  • LOL…I can just picture it! It reminds me of an old memory from growing up: a man in our neighborhood with 5 Manchester Terriers would parade around pooping on everyone else's lawns, except his -- of course! This was before the clean up laws...and doggie sweaters, I guess!!
    Thanks for the laugh...be sure to let us know "what they are wearing this year"!

  • I like the name "Fashion Parade", maybe it should be a topic here on Basenji Forums under "Show Off Your Dog". For members who like to dress up their Basenji(s).

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