• my senji has bad dandruff…

    i've tried these omega oil treats that are supposed to be good for his skin and coat and been giving him eggs for breakfast, but that doesn't seem to help....what do you all suggest

  • Is your Basenji blowing coat?…... and are you giving him raw eggs? That is what helps, not cooked....

    What are you feeding him for regular dog food?

  • he's not blowing his coat and i haven't been giving him raw eggs…just cooked...i was afraid raw eggs might hurt him (like salmonela or something)

    i'm feeding him chicken soup for the puppy...it's supposed to be some great dog food but i think i'm going to change to purina because this dog food is giving him major flatulents...seriously...he can kick us out of a room

  • Purina is not (IMO) a very good food… I would look to some of the better ones that are more natural... Innova, California Natural, EVO, Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, etc.... there is even a thread on here about better food... well, even more then one...

    And cooked eggs will do nothing for the coat... people that feed raw, feed raw eggs....

  • Rami did that when we first got him and we thought it was nerves. It continued after a few months, so we changed his food (same brand) from chicken to lamb. He had been eating chicken all his life and somehow had recently developed an allergy to it. He still has flaky skin every now and then, esp this past spring when everything started blooming (he's a sensitive guy 😉 ), but for the most part it's much better. I also give him fish oil pills, one with each meal. I would try a better brand of food and maybe stick with chicken, but if that still doesn't help, try beef or lamb instead.

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