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I used Adam's Plus on my Basenji as soon as I got her rather than Frontline. She has since gotten a few baths (she likes to roll in dead things), with waterless shampoo or a moist bath towelette. I could not find it anywhere on the bottle if Adams Plus is bath safe. It says to do it every 3 months. I just want to make sure that she is protected. I found a tick on her ear a few days ago and almost flipped, which brings me to another question, should I get her vaccinated for Lyme's Disease? A human friend of mine has it and is having a really tough time with it. She is a indoor dog but I take her on about 4 or 5 walks a day for a total of about 2-3 hours. Just wondering if it goes well with the breed or if I am just being overprotective?

I don't live in a high tick area, but am in a high flea area. I can honestly say that my dogs never have fleas.

My CATS, on the other hand, occasionally get fleas, which is astounding because they live indoors, upstairs with NO access to outside! I think the fleas are courtesy of the squirrels that occasionally get into the attic.

ANYway, the ONLY flea product I will use is Adams, and I only use it after I see the first flea. All the animals get a bath {very fun w/cats}, and I use their carpet spray in the rooms upstairs. Literally, one treatment is all it takes and the fleas are gone for another couple of years.

I love Adams products.

Wow! Thanks! I gave her a spray of it about a month ago but she has had several baths since then. She is a stinky Basenji and I left her at the sitters for a weekend and while there I think she rolled in something dead. I gave her another spray about a month after the first one. I will not give her another spray until at least Sept now. Thanks!

I use frontline & still find ticks on Dallas. Although I live in a high risk tick area & particularly this year they are terrible. However, the ticks never seem to grip into his skin either because the frontline is working or because I see them on him [the joys of have a red/white pup!] before they can dig deep.

I have put Frontline on Sahara only to see her scratching and finding fleas galore on her. It just does not work on her for some odd reason, neither does Advantage, so what to do. I have used Adams flea products and am now happy with them, is the Adams Plus something new, and I didn't know they have a carpet spray. I gotta get some of that, I have a cat that lives outside and fleas are in the yard.

I have acaully never heard of "Adams" before I have been looking for something i can get for the dogs that is alittle more affordable since i have 3 dogs it add's up getting frontline witch is what i have them on. Does Adams work as well as frontline ? I'm moving to Tx next week and i don't know how the ticks are there but i know here in Mass there's alot of them this year, Has anyone switched before do u notice a difference in the products? and is it safe when the dogs lick it ?

Adams makes a shampoo, spray, and spot-on. I use the shampoo, although I also have the spray because last time we had fleas on the cats I foolishly thought it would be easier to spray them than to bathe them. right. Cats love spray bottles - NOT.

It's available at PetCo here.

does the spray work just as well as the shampoo? Cuz i only bath my 3 about once every 4 mths or so considering bathing them is like "Holden down a rocket launcher } lol I just want to make sure they are protected from ticks and fleas when outside.


does the spray work just as well as the shampoo? Cuz i only bath my 3 about once every 4 mths or so considering bathing them is like "Holden down a rocket launcher } lol I just want to make sure they are protected from ticks and fleas when outside.

It has been as effective for me.

Adams products are all I use any more.

{As an irrelevant side note: I've noticed it on the shelves in the background in some episodes of "Animal Precinct" on Animal Planet, and it is the only product used at the military vet clinic my sister used to work at in North Carolina. She's the one who first told me about it years ago}


Adams is so much cheaper than everything out there (that I have found!) I got the 32oz spray (which will last forever with 1 dog) for like $20 at the local feeders supply store. I have found it cheaper online (i think They have a full line of stuff. I found their frontline like stuff at target for like $14 for a 4 month supply of flea stuff. Thats like one month of frontline!

I have been using Frontline but we live in a high tick area & I have been finding little baby ticks on Dallas quite often after his walk through the park behind our neighborhood. I don't ever find them actually in his skin though, just on top of his coat. Should I be concerned that the Frontline isn't working properly?

I have heard (hearsay) that the ticks are starting to get immune to Frontline. I have also heard that they will bite but once they do they are killed from the Frontline on the dog. I am not sure. I was told to use Adams on her so that is all I have experience with. My family used Frontline on our 2 vizslas and jack russell and I remember them occasionally getting ticks on them.

I recently went to a lecture on Lyme disease…freaked me out...and after that I was at my vet and asked about putting Ruby and Brando on Frontline. My vet told me to not bother with it. I live in an area with a lot of ticks but she said that because Frontline isn't completely effective and because she knows of some dogs that got Lyme using Frontline, I'd do just as well to just check the pups over thoroughly when they come in from outside and not use Frontline. She wasn't against Frontline, but just felt that with Ruby & Brando's short coats, a visual check would be the most effective method of dealing with ticks.

Maybe once a week I do find a tick on Brando...haven't found one on Ruby yet, but I'm vigilant and know that I've found it within an hour or two of one climbing on him. With one exception they have only been dog ticks, was definitely a deer tick though. But even with a deer tick you usually have 24 hours before you need to worry.

Nina, the really small ones may be deer ticks (that's what the small ones are here)...those are the ones you need to worry about.

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