Hi All

Hi there, I had a Bansenji when I was a kid, and have wanted to own one sence. Now I'm starting to get all the info that I can before going to find a puppy. I don't want to go to a BYB for one. I would rescue one if that is better. So any help would be nice

Hi Muffen,

You are in the right spot, I am sure you will get pointed in the right direction here.

Good luck!


dear muffen

hi and welcome 🙂

rescuing a dog is a wonderful thing, i hope this is a good option for you. i know brat has many dogs in florida that are looking for their forever homes. they do a great job of matching dogs to the right owner.

disclaimer if you have small children it might be a good idea to get a puppy from a reputable breeder. luckily, puppy season will be here soon and there are a couple of really great breeders in florida.

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