• that my Basenjis were more dog friendly.

    It's… almost...embarrassing to have the only dogs in the neighborhood who hate everyone's dogs.

    Two of our neighbors just got new puppies -- one is the great dane I've already mentioned here, and the other is a German Shepard. Those two families get their dogs together in the street out front {we live at the end of a dead end} and they play together like regular dogs {the GS people also have an adult male GS, who is sweet as can be, and my dogs have vowed to kill him one day for no reason at all :rolleyes:}

    Sigh. I wish I could take mine for walks with them when they go. I'm SURE that mine could learn to play nice if given the time and opportunity, but you know, when you are with people who don't get Basenjis, they don't want to take the time. They just look at your dogs like, "What the hell is wrong with you" and don't want to work on the problem.

    Perfectly nice people, but accustomed to black labs, German Shepards, and Great Danes.

    sigh. 😞

  • Are your dogs OK with other Bs? Is it just larger dogs?…..What a pain for you. Believe me I know hoe embarrasing it can be. Zaire so far has been great with EVERY dog she has met.

    CHarlie is another story all together. No problem with small dogs, oh except pugs and puggles. But when he is around big dogs it is a different story. He was attacked by two dogs at once when he was younger, a pitbull and a lab mix. Now he loves some labs and hates others, hates all pitbulls, and doesn't really get along with any dog that has a bulldog style snout. I hate having to select my dog parks based on if they have a small dog area (that wat if Charlie gets an attitude in the all dog area I can take him in with the little ones).

    I will say that all this started at about 1 year of age (even though the atack happened when he was like 8 months old). Since he started getting aggresive with other dogs I have uped the amount of trips to the dog park to a minimum of three a week, and with each month that has gone by he gets better. Now at just over 2 years I can USUALY take him into the large area. But I still have to watch him like a hawk so he doesn't pick a fight.

  • One of my b's is ok, one isn't.
    We went to a dog park yesterday with my friends 2 other b's.
    We went early, and there was only one black lab there.
    I told the nice lady about my boy, and she said, sure come in, give it a try.
    We did well for about an hr, then it got too much for Cody, so we left.
    It was very nice to have them out loose and running.
    They sure slept well that afternoon.
    But on a leash, it does seem to make it worse for my 2.

  • Elsie is the same way. She is really mean to the other dogs in the neighborhood and we have many dogs around. I had to teach the dog owners that although Elsie is really cute she is not really nice. I found that it takes Elsie eight or nine times meeting a new dog before she lets them into her pack…..We have since been told by our trainer to come back to group classes to help with her aggression towards dogs that she doesn't know.
    Lynne (elsie's mom)

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