Encounter with a GOOSE!

I was walking Shango earlier this week and we came across a nice little pond. He, like the curious basenji he is, decided to investigate and must have treaded too close to a geese' nest. The thing, viciously, came flying towards us, hissing and honking, and trying to attack Shango. I ran as fast as I could with enough time to get out of there, but Shango was shaken up and justifiably!

Don't they know basenji's have curiosity to indulge in?! 🙂

Sound like Scarlett's encounter with the guineas and with the Brahma bulls at my boyfriend's moms. She was running for her life from the bull, but not before she acted all big and bad like she was gonna attack!:)

Haha, we had this a couple of days ago with some Eurasian Coots. They had babies.. and were very protective. I figured they would be, so made sure we didn't come too close. But I think we did.. One of them came running out of the water towards Mirtillo. His tail went from very high, to very low and he started running away. Haha.. couldn't stop laughing afterwards.

Hahaha! It's good to see Shango's not the only one 😃

We have some ponds in our neighborhood with resident geese. So far, they have shown more interest in Cory and Jayden than the dogs have shown in them. But…I also don't linger when I seen the geese wandering over. When my husband was in army and we were stationed in Germany, the airfield that he flew out of used geese as part of their security system. Geese are so territorial and so loud and nasty tempered when their territory is entered that they made it possible to use less guards to patrol the area.


One place that years ago we used to lure course, in the mornings when we all arrived, the field was "covered" with Geese… and it was no easy task to talk them into leaving.... Mickii one time latched unto a "foot".. and finally let go when she was about a foot off the ground... she had no fear at all.. silly "goose" that she is....

Those geese can be mean birds.
Lucky all the b's excaped unharmed!

Yes, Sharron, geese can be terribly mean-especially Canada Geese! We had one when I was a child (it broke it's wing) and it was a guard bird-much better tha a dog. That's why a lot of farmer's have geese-and a few of them, they are a kind of 'watch dog'!

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