• Wow - does that breed look like a basenji! Even the way he holds his paws. What a cutie, and what a nice happy ending.

  • Yes, Andrea went down to pick up a BRAT basenji, and we ended up with a Decker. Photos above.
    BUT the boy was sweet and intact, so Andrea kept him on as a foster with no $$ help and got him fixed.
    She was smart, she contact a Decker terrier breeder in Portland who was kind enough to tell us what type of home we needed to get.
    Andrea, a rescue foster angel for any dog who comes into her home.
    Right now we have Zoe, who is so damaged, we are hoping we can turn her around.
    She was reported to be a lovely, sweet girl, we found a staved 14 lbs with ribs and backbone showing and temperment that is suspect.
    Owner release..dew claws, altho these folks wanted to tell us she was from a Quality show breeder yea right..sorry, small rant here…
    So, we will be trying to see if we can turn her around...if not, well...sigh...
    Andrea is an angel, I do so appreciate her wonderful work fostering dogs in need...

  • Yippee for Riley! Poor boy - being dumped. I hope he recoveres happily in his new "forever" home. He looks so Basenji and handsome! Kudos Andrea for fostering. 🙂

  • Ok forgive me but I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing here. Those "dew" claws should be there? I just need to keep Mick's clipped and maintained right? I don't need to have them removed right?

  • Oh wait a minute, I just checked and Mick has a little nub up on his leg like below his elbow but it doesn't have a nail in it. Then underneath that is the thumb-like claw. Is that the "dew" claw or the nub? This sounds so funny. Sorry for the ignorance.

  • The dew claw is above the foot on the leg and if its been removed, it can have a nub, but no nail will grow on it.
    The ones with nails often indicate the dog is from a non show breeder.
    I will be corrected if wrong, but I think most show dogs have the dew claws removed as pups.
    Europe, its different I believe.

  • The thumb like claw is a dew claw.
    Its above the pad of the foot, on the leg.

  • The dog should have 4 claws on one foot, none on the leg, like a thumb.
    The thumb like claw is the dew claw.

  • I looked at your pretty girls photos and she does have her dew claw.
    Where did you get her from?

  • @Jylly18:

    She also has a small tatoo on her belly, its a circle and a cross below, the sign for female. I don't know if that was cosmetic or a breeder thing, but its something I've never seen before on another dog.

    My guess is that her tattoo is a sign that she's been spayed. I've heard of female dogs that were spayed at some humane society type places being tattooed so that if she winds up in a bad place again, the people taking her in will know she's been spayed. The ones I've seen have been an X in a circle. Saves doing another surgery.

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