No Sandal Is Safe

I keep a pair of sandals outside the back door to wear when we go in the yard and today Piper decided that they would make for a fun game of chase. As soon as I opened the door Piper raced out before me and grabbed one of my sandals and took off with it.

Once she was sure she had gotten it far enough away from me, she was so proud of herself that she did a B-500 all around the yard smiling the whole way. Then after I walked all the way to the back of the yard to pick it up she swooped in and grabbed it again. She ran a little ways then dropped it and looked at me, just daring me to try to get it. After a few futile attempts to get it away from her I decided to try another approach.

I acted like there was something really interesting going on behind me and amazingly she fell for it and came over to check it out. So I went and picked up the sandal and I must say I was feeling pretty proud of myself for outsmarting her. But then I looked up and here she came running through the yard with the other sandal.:eek:

I guess once she realized nothing was going on over there and that she wouldn't be able to get the sandal away from me she went back to the door and got the other sandal. And so the whole scene replayed itself and I'm not feeling quite as proud of myself anymore.

The only good thing that came from it was that I had my camera with me so I was able to get pictures of it, although I'm not sure how good it is to have pictures of your dog outsmarting you.:)


LOL LOL I know the feeling i am cleaning out one of my closets and all of a sudden i look down from the ladder and see a 3 pk of paper towels flying across the floor i get down off the ladder and see phoenix underneath going to take it to his bed lol I have to leave all shoes, sandels in a closet cuz those are one of his favorite toys lol Those are really funny pics she looks so proud of herself for getting those sandels lol lol lol 🙂

By the way what a beautiful big backyard u have 🙂

yes, that looks like an awesome place for a basenji to run around. nice high fence 🙂

wow, yeah, i'm drooling over your backyard. maybe Piper liked the sandle cause it matches her coat? lol. although i can't quite tell if the sides of the sandle are white or yellow. i love the one where its in front of her face and you can't even see her face. 🙂

Great story and great pics 😃

You can never really outsmart a basenji, can you?;)

Love your backyard!

Hahaha. Dallas always goes for my flipflops!!! He runs around with them in his mouth & I know he's thinking "come & get it mom!!!" Too cute 🙂

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the yard.

Here's a better picture of it, although there's not really much to it, unlike some of the amazingly landscaped yards some people here have.

I really am thankful though to have a big flat backyard for Piper to be able to run in, although I'm sure she wishes there were some trees so she would be able to chase squirrels. She desperately tries to catch birds in the yard but she's never able to even get close. So she has to settle for chasing me around the yard, although with all her energy I think I might have to start feeding the squirrels or something to get them in the yard and save me from all the running.:)

And of course the one problem with having a big backyard is that you just have to walk that much further to get your sandals back after she's run off with them.:D

For saving you the running just get another basenji :rolleyes: ; sure it could end up with a sandal each, and you double the amount of running after them 😃

WOW that is an unbelievable backyard :0 Around here in Mass that would be just a pipe dream lol All 3 of my dogs are in the other room I think i hear them packen there overnight bag and there heading down to ur yard lol lol 🙂 And i'm sure in there heads there thinking ….. Man we got gipped ...... lol

I love Piper's looks, she is solid black on one side, and a nice white "collar" on the other. Looks like a completely different dog!

Anne in Tampa, also jealous of your nice big yard!

Thanks MacPack, I love Piper's half collar too, I've had a couple people ask me how white she was going to turn because the first time they saw her they only saw her black side and when they saw her again they saw the other side and thought she must be turning more white.

And anyone that wants to send your dogs down here feel free, I'm sure Piper would love some playmates.:D

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