I laugh in the face of allergies!!!

  • So just a quick update about Mark's allergies…

    they have [for the most part] gone away 🙂 🙂 🙂 So we're both very excited obviously. Boyfriend isn't even taking medication! Just shows how adaptable the body truly is…

    And some photos for your viewing pleasure


  • Oah my goodness!!! what a cutie pie!!!!! I just love the Basenji Scarf.
    Glad to see the boyfriend's allergies have calm down. 🙂

  • Nina-
    So glad that your bf's allergies are gone! That has got to be a huge relief for you both! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of your bf with Dallas on his shoulders…we have read several books on Basenjis that said that the natives in Africa carry their puppies around like this and John and I always joke that we should put Jackpot on our shoulders. Too funny. The pic of Dallas lying in the sun is precious! :p

  • That is great….

  • Great news that your bf's allergies have gotten better. It looks like he and Dallas really enjoy each other.

  • I still am slightly allergic to our Basenji's. If they paw me and accidently scratch my skin I will break out in a rash. It used to be far worse though. When we got our first Basenji my eyes would itch and my nose would be stuffy. Within a few weeks and a lot of wiping our boy down, my allergies subsided.

  • @lvoss:

    Great news that your bf's allergies have gotten better. It looks like he and Dallas really enjoy each other.

    Yes they have certainly become attached to one another! I drove up to SC last weekend for a couple days & when I got back they BOTH got so excited to see one another! It was hilarious! Dallas ran to him all excited & actually started baroo-ing for the first time!!! Of course Mark was just as excited & showed his excitement by baroo-ing back :p

    & yea he still has "those days" where he sneezes a bit more & if Dallas gets his saliva on Mark's skin it gets a bit rashy for about 15 mins or so but…it's manageable & now Mark finally seems to be on board with getting a baby girl! 🙂

  • That's great news! What cute pics! Love the one with Dallas wrapped around the bf's neck! Now you're safe to add B#2 to the house!

  • Love the basenji scarf suits him prefectly and B/W pic is really beautiful you couldhave it blown to postersize and frame it aboe your bed great mood booster for rainy and cold day´s 🙂

  • Really cute pics of Dallas. He looks a lot like our B, Cyrus. I could never wear Cyrus as a scarf though-he bites my hair and rips pieces out every chance he gets.

  • I found that when I lived without dogs for several years, I was allergic when a dog licked me, or if it's hair was a little dirty. But then after being around dogs a lot more, between having my own, and working with lot of others, that allergy has completely subsided. I definitely think the body is able to work thru some mild allergies with exposure.

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