New to forum- Should have posted here first

  • Hello everyone!

    I am new to the forum and have already posted a couple of things around…..and then found this thread. Sorry! Anyway, I have a two year old red and white B named Captain Jack that I adopted from a puppy mill rescue shelter. I found him on Petfinder, and when I saw the picture, I knew he was perfect. He is missing an ear from his tragic start in the Puppy mill, but we have made up for that as much as possible.

    As we told him when we brought him home- Jack you have just hit the puppy lottery!

  • what a wonderful rescue story, we'd love to see pictures, and welcome to the forum (again LOL)

  • Hello and welcome!

    You have a lovely B! (I saw your pics in the other threat) 😃

  • How is Jack getting along now with your family?

  • Welcome to the pack…I will now have to go see pics of your furbaby. (Not that I am addicted to pictures or anything) 😃

  • Hi Sharron- Jack is my best friend. He is totally everything I wanted in a dog. He is hours of entertainment…..and is completely spoiled rotten! I had actually been searching for a rescue through BRAT, when I found him on Petfinder and thought he was perfect! I have to tell you, when I told my husband I wanted a barkless dog, he was totally, why would you want a barkless dog? Jack totally converted him. My husband LOVES Jack. Jack is tons of fun and a great companion. I guess that is the long answer.

    He is so funny, too. He doesn't even notice that he is missing an ear, he walks around like he is the greatest thing to ever to hit dog-kind. Did I mention he was vain?

    Anyway, I guess the answer is that he fits in perfectly. But he has been with us since he was about 4 months old, so there wasn't a lot before he came to us. He loves us. 🙂

  • Sure sounds like he has found a wonderful home with you.
    Have you done any basic obedience with him yet?
    It really does help with socialization and bonding to the humans.

  • Yeah, we took a class at the local pet smart. You are right, it really helped with socialization….he loved playing with the other puppies. A lot of it didn't really stay. But, he will sit, give me "five," lie down, and roll over. Also not real good with heel. He also knows "off" but sometimes he won't listen.

  • Basenji = not listening!!!! haha! Welcome

  • Laugh, I have a "deaf" basenji into rescue…the folks who know b's ask..
    "how can you tell your b's deaf"??
    My don't listen at all...

  • Welcome to the forum! We love our photos!!! 🙂

  • Here is Jack "helping" unpack. About 5 minutes after this picture, he curled up into a little ball and fall asleep.


  • OMG….He is so cute I could just die...what a sweet furbaby you have. 🙂

  • How did he lose his ear? Did they say?

  • Yeah- his mom ate it after having the litter. She had done it the year before with a puppy she had and only took off half the ear. The same woman rescued her as rescued my Jackaroo.

    I just wonder why? Was she hungry? Stressed? All of the above? Was there something wrong with Jack?

  • I have seen a cat eating her kittens, as soon as being born, and it as on a farm, no stress that we knew of, and she was well fed.

    The dam is in a puppy mill?? Could be stress then or she is just not right in her head especially if she did it before!

  • I feel for the poor mom, honestly. Having a litter once a year, being kept in a teeny tiny cage…...If i had babies once a year, they were all taken from me as early as possible, and I was kept in a teeny tiny kennel at all times, there would something not right in my head too.

    The woman who runs the shelter told me that Jack would have probably led a similar life in a puppy mill. Since he had only one ear, they wouldn't be able to send him to a pet store, even though he makes a great pet. Is he going to win any dog shows? Probably not. Is he the most fun friend I have? Definitely.

    Unfortunately I will be at work while the Oprah Puppy Mill show will be on, but I am excited to hear what everyone thinks of the show. I have been watching that thread as well, and I do hope that they present a balanced view, but even more than that, I hope it shows people that pet stores are not a good way to find a pet, ironic as that may be.

  • Hey WELCOME to you & JACK!! 🙂 Your little guy is adorable!!! It's funny he looks like our other Capt Jackers 😃 😃 Maybe they're related.

    My breeder is Mass. so there must be a bunch of B owners nearby.

  • Thanks so much to everyone for the warm welcome.

    Jackaroo and I had a very relaxing weekend- lots of sleeping on the couch. The Husband comes home tomorrow (after 6 weeks on the road) and I know Jack will be so happy to see him!

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