• I vacuum several times a week, as my husband and B are both severely allergic to dust mites. This morning, I decided it was also time to rotate out toys, so I gathered up the toys that were on the floor and put them away. I left out the favorites that were up on furniture (heaven forbid we put away the AKC fox!!!).

    Usually when I vacuum, Cooper prances around with a worried look on his face. And he can't seem to get the idea that he'd be "safe" if he just stayed behind me. No, he has to be right where I'm about to vacuum!

    Today, however, he found his toys that were still out, and pranced around with them in his mouth. Then he'd lay one down in front of the vacuum, and "rescue" it right before I got there. It reminded me of those old cartoons where the victim gets strapped to the railroad ties and the hero comes and rescues them.

    All was made right, though, when I stopped vacuuming. I got out a bunch of toys he hadn't seen in weeks. After rummaging through them, he sat on my lap and insisted on cuddles to know that all was right with the world.

  • hahahahahahah how adorable !!

    mia is terrified of it, and runs in another room and rocky stands right in front of it just to jump away at the last second lol he plays chicken with the vaccum!!

  • my parents dog does that same thing with the lawn mower, although neither their dog or mine care about the vacuum. Medjai does however love to play with the vacuum as soon as I turn it off.

  • That is the funniest thing I ever heard. You have to video tape it!

  • Max bites the things…...I thought he had something against Dyson or Electrolux:eek:

  • Chance paws and bites the Dyson with the hair on his back standing up.

  • @admin:

    Chance paws and bites the Dyson with the hair on his back standing up.

    Maybe Chance and Max are related…...damn Dyson's anyway.:D

  • this is funny. Tayda does something similar. she'll follow around the front of the vaccuum and open her mouth and act like she is going to bite the vaccuum, but never actually bites it. So her mouth opens when the vaccuum gets close, then closes her mouth as i pull it back toward me. Vaccuum forward = open mouth. Vaccuum back = close mouth. repeat repeat. Its pretty ridiculous.

  • Sahara loves to do the same as Tayda, she opens her mouth like she is going to bite the front and then when I pull back she closes her mouth and takes off, then the whole thing again and again until I am done. It is quite funny, they are the funniest dogs!

  • Subaruthie - that is so funny 😃 😃 😃 😃
    EL D would mostly ignore my old vacuum - a noisy basic hoover - but with my new quieter windtunnel he'll come and stand it its way and then jump out at the last minute. Then he'll keep moving around so he's back in front of it again.

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