• Today we are at 1000 registered members and 34,921 posts. A big thanks to everyone who's contributed to the forum up to now! We hope you are enjoying your stay.

    There are a few things you can do to help our community become even bigger:

    • Please tell or email your Basenji friends, breeders, other Basenji owners about our forums community.

    • If you have a website or know of a Basenji related website, please link to Basenji Forums. Send us a message if you need help with adding a link. Links to us increase our search engine ranking so people can find us faster.

    Your efforts will help to grow the Basenji Forums community into an even better resource for everyone.

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  • Woo Hoo!! Go us!:D

  • Thanks to our forum members that come here everyday to lend their expertise.:) You are the educators!
    Thanks to our forum members that make things fun and interesting.:) You are the entertainers!
    Thanks to our forum members that make this a wonderful Community!:)You are our family!

    Thanks to Alex and Vanessa for starting this forum for us all!:D


    Thank God for PICTURES!:D Dogs Rule!

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