Elections for BCOA for BCOA members

  • If you don't have your ballot, you will shortly. This is a blatant solicitation for your vote! First and foremost, please do vote. It is really important, maybe more so this year than in years past. The BCOA needs a Board and Officers who will keep open lines of communication to the membership, be respectful of outside queries and suggestions, and maintain a free flow of information in both directions. Please vote for who you think has the best interests of the breed and club in their hearts and no personal agenda. But please vote, and take a minute to read the biographies. 250 words is not much, but it can show a lot with regard to skill sets and attitudes.

    One final thing, you do not have to vote for seven board members. It will not void your ballot to vote for less.

  • I just want to add, that it is often cited by sitting boards and other members as a sign of member apathy that such a small percentage of the BCOA membership does return a ballot. Please vote and return a ballot even if you abstain from voting for some of the offices, please let the board and the rest of the membership know that you are not apathetic and do care about this club by submitting a ballot.

  • Well put Lisa, thanks for the reminder. In the end, for members of BCOA regardless if you are a breeder, someone that shows or does performance events, or just has the most important family companion… you are important to the breed. Make your voice heard and vote! All Basenji owners should be part of the BCOA, as it is your club, your breed. You make the difference and the people that serve on the Board are your voice.

    Just so everyone knows, I am not running, but I have strong feelings for the people that would best serve the Breed and the Club. We have some very good people that have thrown their hats in the ring and would be a wonderful addition to the Basenji Club of America

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