• Buck is very kind-hearted wants to be held and wants to be rubbed on, but when this dog is alseep or even just laying down hes nuts. If you even attempt to touch him he lets out his crazy "growl". Then he gets up and gets as close to you as he can like he is saying sorry and wants to be loved on but hes keeps on with this growl, his ears pinned back. I don't even reach to pet him becuase of the demeanor he takes on and this noise he is making sounds like he could really snap.

    Im just wondering if anyone else has some sort of anger problems with their B, especially when resting??
    I suppose that I know he is a dog and dogs can get like that but hes like nothing ive ever see or heard. It is kind of scary actually, scares me enough to get me out of bed if I accidentally bump him at night, next thing I know hes up in my face growling at me. I dont know if hes trying to intimidate me or trying to say hes sorry and just wants attention.

  • I have heard of a lot of basenjis who growl if you touch them while sleeping. Manning does this, especially of you touch him with your feet. He hates that and of course we reinforce his bad behavior by picking on him with out toes. It's actually become more of a game with him now.

    I'm not sure about his behavior once he gets up. Someone else with more experience will have to answer you on that one. By the way…I saw his pic on your other post. He is to cute.

  • Some Bs do growl when you bother them and they are asleep, but I would be concerned if he is trying to intimidate you by growling in your face. It could be something that started in his other home or someone did something to him when he was a pup and sleeping. I would try to get him to let me touch him during the times he is not in your bed but asleep. Give him a treat when he lets you do this without the growl, say, "Good Boy", and treat with something he really likes. I started moving my B when she was a pup during sleep and she has never growled at me, she is so good about it. Start now so he will stop before he is too use to the idea of growling when moved, let him know it will not be tolerated.

  • Hmmm. I wonder if it's truly a growl? Although plenty of Bs don't like to be disturbed while sleeping, the growling you're describing, especially after he's fully awake and trying to snuggle, sounds more to me like a B's typical "I love you, I miss you" purr (or gurr, if you'd rather 😉 ). My boy, Magnum, gurrs (ears back) for me when I get home, even if I've only been gone a short while (it's a good thing!). Maybe your boy is growling when awakened, but gurring after he's awake?

    Does he show any signs of agression when he's growling? Show his teeth, maybe? Try to nip? Hackles up? Stiff-legged?

    BTW, welcome to the forum!

  • Thanks for all the responses, and for the welcome 🙂 I've never put it into the perspective that maybe its his sort of "purr"… and I do need to start trying to approach him when he gets like this and treat him for letting me, to show that he doesnt need to be scared by me. sometimes it is a game for us also, we pick at him then he takes it too far and it begins to concern me, we just need to know we are in control of the crazy dog - haha

    there are times that hes stiff legged and very much in control... Im ust glad to know Buck isnt full of anger or agression, that maybe it is a B thing. My husband and I are beginning to think about starting a family and hes concerned us.

    thank yall!! 🙂 for all the advice and ideas into what may be going on.

  • Nala grumbles when you move her while sleeping. I believe there are some past threads about others too. She has never snapped or bared teeth, just makes an "ugly" noise of protest.

  • EL D used to get snarky in bed if I accidentally bumped him, especially his tail (which he tends to straighten out in bed and I can't help but roll over on). It was not a kind growl. Based on comments form others in this forum it was a matter of being protective of "his" territory. To counteract it, the next time EL D got snarky in bed, I yelled at him and kicked him (not literally) off the bed and when he did it one more time, I yelled and kicked him out of the bedroom. That got his attention - and his apology. He's only gotten snarky once in the past several months since then.

  • If you comb through the forum there have been many threads dealing with growling in various situations.

    I guess that's where the saying "let sleeping dogs lay" means.

    Both our dogs do the same thing if they think you are going to move or pick them up.

  • oh geez does Mia ever freak out if you try to move her from her beauty sleep!!! It started when we got her around 3 1/2 months. Our other puppy Nike doesn't do that, but when they sleep in teh same bed and Nike moves Mia just looses it, she doesn't bit or anything, but she does let out the tazmanian devil cry. But I just pick her up anyways to show her who's boss (well ok I pretend I'm boss, but anyways lol). And then she stops when she's in my arms.

  • Jazzy grumbles when we disturb her. Sometimes she grumbles loudly and I suppose it would really startle someone who didn't know her. She never snaps at anyone though, just grumbles.

    Keoki grumbles his sleep is disturbed also,but his seems a little more unpredictable. He seldom growls when either I or one of my dd's pet /move him, but almost always when one of the others kids does, and his worst is saved for Dh. It never gets very loud, but always sounds ominous.

    Dh is the only person he regularly growls at, and we're not quite sure what it means half the time.
    Jazzy has very distinct sounds she makes: she has her playing growl and her po'd growl. They are very clear.
    Keoki's sound the same. He and dh play a lot, and Keoki growls a lot when the two of them play, but not when he plays with anyone else. Keoki often initiates the play, and by his body stance, jumping around,etc, it is clear that it is play. Other times, Dh will reach down to rub him and he'll growl and jump – sometimes a games starts and sometimes not. We're still learning to read him so we can clearly tell when to discipline and when to laugh.

  • Trixie does that noise but not at us at her big sister Josie. Mainly she does it when she is tired or half asleep, or protecting a bone. I just pick her up and tell her no. She has never been aggressive towards me but she has went after Josie!! It was kind of scary! I tend to remove her when she starts making those taz noises. (it freaks people out that our visiting) and they look at us like we are nuts, but that is just how she is and she has gotten a little better with it. It helps to remove her from the situation.

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