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@julian yes, on the digest setting it IS set to “OFF” and I still keep getting emails from the digest. So do a lot of other people it seems (from other posts).

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I keep getting these emails too!!! I don't have a basenji and don't know how I got on this list! This is absurd! Please can someone help us unsubscribe from this?

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I do not have a basenji. I have no interest in this site. I was mistakenly signed up for this email list. Now I am getting emails from this site every other day it seems, with NO way of unsubscribing. When I click on the option at the bottom of the email it leads me to a page that has no unsubscribe option. This is getting really annoying. Please advise.

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After a year or so of thinking my rescue-shelter dog was part jindo-shepherd, maybe lab maybe pit maybe something else, and after a year or so of searching for these mixes on the internet I think I have figured out that she is a basenji mix! She has all the characteristics of a basenji….she might be half jindo as well....but I am still trying to figure it out....what do you guys think????

thank you!

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