• OMG I'm just cracking myself up at the title I just used. The in-laws are visiting us while we're in DC for awhile, and my MIL is not a dog person as she never had pets, and is kinda scared of dogs. Well as I type this Tiggy is laying sprawled out across her lap. Tiggy decided that he didn't care if she was scared of dogs and he was going to win her over because he feels that EVERYONE should be his friend. I'll try and post pictures later

  • That is just too funny. My parents came to visit last 4th of July. They are CAT people. My resident dogs and the 1 foster just won them over. My dad kept picking up the little foster puppy trying to "protect" her from my dogs. That was his excuse to get his hands on her. My MIL is not a pet person either but the first time she meet Cody she was in love. Out of all the family pets she always talkes about how much she likes Cody.

  • Tiggy is so handsome and charming! How could anyone NOT like him? 🙂

  • I have had our dogs just be really sweet and others who our tri would try to bully (an adult man)

    He just did not like him at all. Not really growling or aggression, but just would chest bump him, pull on his pant legs, just irritating stuff. Our computer guy, he just rolls on his back.

  • @Barklessdog:

    Our computer guy, he just rolls on his back.

    Your computer guy rolls on his back? 😃

  • Yes, he just loves basenji's.

  • Takes a hard heart to refuse a basenjis love!

  • Takes a hard heart to refuse a basenjis love!

    It took a long time for my wife to forgive our red girl after the bunny massacre.

    My wife can be pretty tough.

  • My BIL (a "Lab" only guy) just said when they came to visit a week ago, "Darn, I think this dog is growing on me!" Another beast tamed.

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